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Janet Duncan Karr, Owner

When It's Spring Time......It's Kitten Time!!!!

........And It's Easter Time.......

..........And Daylight Savings Time..........

Karr Cats Is Waiting For Our Next Litter.............
............Right Around Mother's Day.............
Lacy's Babies Should Arrive Around May 8!!!

THEIR PHONE NUMBER IS: 800-822-2746 -- OPEN 24/7

I ship my kittens out of DFW International Airport to those who live too far to pick
up their kittens from me, as I am in the Dallas, Texas area. This has worked out very
well for me and my kitten buyers thus far. The buyer is responsible for the cost of:
the kitten's airfare, the airline approved cat carrier, and the flight certificate
required by United Airlines which is issued by one of my veterinarians in Dallas.
These costs are in addition to the cost of the kitten, of course. Ahead of the date
of your kitten's booked flight, I will need everything paid in full. United Airlines
requires at the time I book your kitten's flight, that I give them information,
for security purposes, regarding the person picking up the kitten, such as the name
on your driver's license, your address, and phone number. This is to make sure that
your kitten is only picked up by you, and you must have the driver's license with you
at the time you claim your kitten at the United Airlines Terminal at the airport
where you have chosen to pick up your kitten. Before I book your kitten's flight with
United Airlines Pet Safe Program, I will ask you which days of the week work best for
you. When I book your kitten's flight, I will obtain the address of the United Cargo
Terminal or other airport terminal such as baggage claim office, where you will need
to pick up your kitten, so that I may pass along this info to you for your convenience.

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